Thomas Rieger, MD, general practitionerWelcome to Dr. Thomas Rieger’s general practice.

You will find us in the inner city of Munich between Isartor and Marienplatz.
According to the principles of general medicine we will address your issues with a holistic approach. If necessary, you would be referred to competent specialists.

Holidays: Our practice will be closed on 2.10.2023. Stand-in: Ms. Levitin, 2nd floor, Ledererstr. 4. and Dr. Dialer & Dr. Zewen, Tal 38, Tel: 226181. Emergency practice Elisenhof and emergency calls: 116 117

We are very sorry that due to a constantly increasing number of patients, we currently cannot accept new patients. We still ask you to schedule appointments upfront as a routine. And to wear a mask if you suffer from a respiratory infection.